Politicians with high tech cams on?

In Afasia's corner... on June 2, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Felip Puig,

A politician in Catalan Government. Politician and responsible of the 27May disaster in Plz. Catalunya/Barcelona who has ordered police to attack youngsters who were doing a manifestation there. He thinks the images and videos recorded on that day are not enough to judge no one. So what he wants is to put cameras on each police to have direct record of their bloody actions. I believe he didn’t find recorded images enough because he could not see policeman’s  violent action as close as he wanted and enjoy the bloody moment of his order on a power show. He just was trying to give a message of; YESSS, do you see? I am the one who rules your world and I believe he wants to see the ruled faces closer.

Anyhow as a conclusion, I kindly request to have politicians with cameras? What would say about? As they want to see their man’s action clear by their cams. We want to see their actions at their working hours(at least) to see if they really work clear or dirty or let’s say if they really work or not(I don’t think I am exaggerating).
Of course non of them would like or accept that idea. But anyway I hope not to see those kind of tour de force ANYMORE!..

Thanks and Best Regards
illustration by Alex Gallego
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  2. Very interesting. thank you for sharing!

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