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In Afasia's corner... on June 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm


Due to the global warming the weather is changing in all Europe and the conditions of civil war between radical groups making the situation even worst. There are people killing each other between villages with guns provided by big powers like Israel, Libya and Iran. Today, 1,340 people more have fled to France from Spain and Portugal. Total 560.100 people have arrived to the refuges and %80 is women and children. Most of them are (children and women) having really hard situations on the way while moving like rape and violence. People instead of burying their relatives death bodies, they do keep in pieces and eat to stay alive against this hard conditions. African pharmaceutical industry tries the new medicines on Spanish and British people before releasing in market. Slavery is legal again and many Arabic and African can have 1 or more slaves as hard worker at their home/work places. Some are just bought to be burned for fun or fascist reasons and buying a white man does not cost too much. Some white families are selling their children to make some money as they cannot take care of their child.

Yes, that terrible story (which is happening right now in Somalia and they flee to Kenya) may convert into reality just in some years and European Nations happy days may end really bad and involuntarily. Europe tries helping each other to keep economical situation as up as possible but each day another country appears with similar problematic conditions. Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain which is next? Who knows? You will say that seems far to reach that extreme limits in Europe! I don’t think so. Petrol’s last 10 years. Water, do anyone know about the water resources. If the climate changes we have no idea how to survive without liquid like in Africa. And the pirate attacks in Somalia just were a start of crossing the limits of hunger and they were only showing that they also want a piece of sweet cake which we were benefiting since over centuries from their bloody tears, mines, fuel etc. etc. They just showed up the head. Do you think a person who has nothing to lose apart from his life would consider yours? Or let’s better say, would consider or fear from anything if he is about to die because of hunger? How we become that selfish after years and years. How can’t we see the truth which those countries all were under British, French or Italian mandate and due to this fact they could not increase their economy independently. Doesn’t we debt to those people there dying in hunger?

Let’s take a look when first British Naval arrived to Somali’s beaches. 1884! Yes, you see it correctly. 1 8 8 4. 127 exact years before they have reached Somali and stayed there with French and Italian Fascism until July 1960 the independence of Republic of Somali which has never took place. Tragicomically they have shared the country as British Somali, French Somali and Italian Somali for only not to fight between them and share everything in civilized conditions.

Yes, we civilized are the ones who create world’s bigger problem -HUNGER-. Shame for us to let a child dies in hunger front of our eyes.

And just before ending, can someone tell me which is correct? Make them our slaves or let them die in hunger? I can hear you saying any. You are right! Just look around and find a rich country after long European colonization. I believe it’s time to pay back what we have stolen from them or at least don’t let them die in hunger.


Thanks and Best Regards


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Soldiers of İll-Fortune…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on June 25, 2011 at 1:55 pm

It is indeed getting harder to stop Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and his troops although the diplomatic pressures are increased by the enthusiastic countries that are in need of being heroes but thinking of their ends.

Do you have any idea about Basar’s dictatorship? Have you ever put yourselves on behalf of a great dictator? Have you ever thought that Basar valued his society and worked for their todays and futures?  Would you prefer to be a leader who never wants to stop the tears, blood and  instability at home?

In my opinion The Great Dictator Basar El-Assad is not fond of his millions and unfortunately still in need of arming his troops more and more to find a suitable! solution to this never ending warfare. According to him under the usual conditions, the society loves and respects his regime, there is no hunger, misery, unemployment, violence, compulsion or any other social& economical problems in his country which is cradle of civilisations and also military coups…It seems that he never believes in democracy, freedom of opinions and internal crisis & conflicts. Most probably he just believes that the reason of civil war is based on the provocations of outside powers. The only reason of the civil war is outside powers to him.

His father Hafez al- Assad was the best example for him not to follow his policies but he just changed the windows in stead of changing the scenes in the streets. He was expected to recover the living conditions, decrease the political compulsion, cencorship on media tools and to bring much more freedom in ancient  but beautiful Syria.

The streets have been full of the dead bodies since the demonstrations began in march 15th 2011. There is no life marks which you can go to work to earn your life, go to schools to be educated and have precious times with your  schoolmates, go shopping, cafes, just for a walk…or all the other simple things you can do in the streets..There is no sun in the sky for the people living in ‘beautiful and lonely’ Syria.

Within 3 months, more than 10.000 thousands refugees ( the old Syrian house holders) are compelled to run away from their country, they have been trying their best to survive under the iron wings of my country Turkey in the border camps. The little babies, children, women and men are deprived to live their lives in their own stone houses and have average conditions to make a living.

However, we as Turkish government had made an agreement with Bashar, recovered our diplomatic relationships, opened our border gates to the Syrian people, shook their hands sincerely…During the conflict, Prime Minister Erdoğan had telephone conversations with Bashar but he could not manage to persuade him to make the required reforms in the country.  As we may see clearly he never wanted to revise his policies and did not care about making reforms as expected. I had though that Ruler Bashar would have been the leader whom Syrian people would ever met…But, it was a lack of foresight and dissappointment.

I wonder the end of this story and imagine one day freedom bells of democracy will ring in the Al-Saa (Clock) Square when i remember his saying that ”while the chaos is going on the reforms can not be made.”

A humble call to Bashar—-) leave your artificial Kingdom of Heaven behind you and make your throne in Syrians’ hearts.


In Afasia's corner... on June 22, 2011 at 2:32 pm


Israel using phosphoric explosives on Philistine

Closing your eyes won’t help you to not see the disgrace or to forget this shame and your children will pay for this bloody testament. Planting bad (hate seeds) seeds will return you as flowers of pain and sorrow in your gardens. …… What will be your answer?  Those poisoned children one day will grow up and ask their revenge. What will you say to them? Sorry for destroying their entire life? Sorry for murders of their families? Sorry for being on their lands just to suck natural resources for over 100 years? That is the way how we are planning to apologize from those children? Just try to make empathy. Just try to make good justice.

Israel uses phosphoric explosives on Philistine which is totally forbidden by Geneva Convention and it’s protocols since 1949. Those protocols were written right after some bloody experiences to not repeat them once again. We should not forget those mistakes and we also must remind those who break the pact. I feel responsible for their treatments on civilians and I share the pact by

Thanks to Wikipedia and Google too for being such a great resources.

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In Afasia's corner... on June 12, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Some countries are asking their rights against dictators and some other countries are voting for their dictators! Choosing the one who rules their life!  Who limits them! Who cuts their resources, rights! Who keeps them under control!

So, the people used it´s unique democratic authority to select their only dictator with majority of the votes for the 3rd time. The people said; we are totally agree with what you were doing until now and we support you for your further actions, crazy projects and the possibility of  converting the country from laicism to Islamic law! Even the idea of having one more Iran freaks me out. One more country between Europe and Asia, ruled by radical Islamist s order!  And a lady, buried until the waist waiting to be stoned only because she was reading a book or cheating her husband, or for whatever reason. I hope this isn´t the end of this lovely country called Turkey!

At the other hand as an artistic point of view, Turkish artists won´t expect anything for next 4 years either. As you will also remember Erdogan´s acts against some sculpture to brake down due to their nudest appearance or only because he didn’t like the statue. So now I want to ask them; do they really feel something sexual to a nude statue or sculpture? So I am afraid they do feel same for your 5 years old  daughter´s mini skirt too right? You maybe think that I am exaggerating but I am really worried about Turkey´s next 4 years!

I hope the people  know what they really want from the government!.

I hope they will never find the exact number in parliament to change the constitution!

Thanks and Best Regards

If you feel like drowning in think ”tanks”, the only tip i can give you is to change your paradigms in your lives…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on June 9, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Have you ever questioned yourself  whether you were the part of the governments with bloody hands which have the power to shape the tailor-made new world order?

The world has been still burning in the gun powder storms, never ending conflicts, mortal combats and spinning around the disproportionate strength.

I got to be more pessimistic about our future and the generation next nowadays but furthermore i am afraid to say that i got to be accustomed to spectate the bombardments of Nato in Palestine, Afganistan and Libya for keeping the peace, death news and ongoing civil wars between the government forces and the demonstraters (most of them are from democracy front against dictatorship) in Syria and Yemen.

In addition to above all, i could not be that much glad for the arrest of Ratko Mladic who are called ‘Butcher of Sırbia’ because of some Sırbian crowd who protested his arrest and could not digest that he would surely be on trial within the following days. As we clearly see that there are still extremely nationalist people defending blood,tear, death and decay and this naked reality makes me sad and hopeless about ‘wind of change’ in the West side Story . We will not be able to build up a new world which gives all of us chances to live in fraternity and peaceful coexistence unless we knock down the Walls of Shame existing in our hearts. I know how this dream place  is called in public: ‘’Utopia’’…and there is no place like Utopia on this earth which we have been proud of occupying for ages…

Well, who are those bloody minds which blockade our castles? Have we ever thought that we were the voters who gave them the opportunity of using the violence and all the other rights which they can have the total control of our lives, manupulating our choices, ideas, dreams and everything up to our existence. Who are those men in black seizing our future according to the vandalism laws? Let me kindly give you the answer, those who make the world reversed are the deputies we vote in the process of  the representative elections in the states which are governed by democracy. ( There is no chance  to vote for the deputies but making revolution in the states which are governed by dictatorships…)

As i mentioned before, 99 is not 100 and thus before you choose your representative in the parliament, go in to your inner self, be aware of  the importance of contrubuting for the integrity in public and being organised, finally try to find the  pure truth away from populism which are easily afforded to be injected in to your mind.

So maybe tomorrow…you can change something little by little and be a part of an ordinary world which will be turning round.

Vote in front of your concious and mind court!!!…

Tayyip’s democracy?

In Afasia's corner... on June 7, 2011 at 3:16 pm

Turkish elections going to take place on 12 June 2011 and the politicians are on streets to ask votes and wash people’s head. It seems this year’s elections going to be really stressful because more than 3 political party want a piece of sweet chocolate chair. 1-Extreme Right Islamist(Current government) 2-Middle Left 3-Radical Nationalist As you also know in general there is economical crisis in all countries and of course youngsters are blaming the current government about the situation. Each city Tayyip Erdogan(prime-minister of Turkey)  visits there are celebrations and manifestations. Both are great in my opinion. A loved person may also have people who hates him. As a person I would wounder if all say you are perfect. I would ask me what is wrong with me everybody around thinks that I am really great. There is something wrong. But the current prime-minister(Tayyip Erdogan) thinks opposite. People who talk bad about him are in jail now or people who illustrate him ugly are front of a Judge. Doesn’t really matter even if you don’t talk about him but he would love to control and to limit their internet. At the moment the quantity of forbidden websites in Turkey about 5.000 or 10.000 and they want to add 60.000 forbidden content to prohibition(to avoid search of words related to porn, sex, gamble etc etc).

All those prohibitions came to a sad conclusion on 31 May 2011. People went out to protest prime-minister in one of his demonstration. Military and Police already were there to stop protesters of course called by government. Between 100 of people, there was a retired teacher who was also against prime-minister (which is totally wrong being against a dictator). Without knowing that Metin Lokumcu also wanted to go squares and make his voice heard by politics. Probably his son, daughter or brother was without job and that was disturbing him a lot because he could not stand seeing his brother’s child crying with hunger(who knows) . Police came with a barricade to stop them and as usual people didn’t want to stop. Like what has happened in Barcelona, an order came from government to beat them all. But they didn’t know that Metin Lokumcu had a hearth problem before throwing some gases in the field. Due to an hearth attack he died only for protesting Turkish prime-minister.

So it’s the story of how Turkish Government kills his people only for manifesting them. This is the endless story of Turkish government’s liberty mentality. I believe it’s time to show them that we don’t want dictators anymore anywhere in the world. We don’t support any king, sultan, prince, princess. It’s time to say “NO” on 12.06.2011.

Thanks and Best Regards

Recep Tayyip Erdogan by Medi Belortaja

Weapon use control community!..

In Afasia's corner... on June 5, 2011 at 1:12 pm

When you watch the news on TV or read some newspapers you can easily see the quantity of fired gun to kill someone or just to fear. So some of those bullets or bombs have been fired we don´t know by who or how. But many, many of them we exactly know the responsibles because some are countries and their militaries. Try to make a good judgment, if you are firing a bullet you know it´s to kill someone. Killing someone is crime in all conditions. So if any country in our planet fires a bullet we know it´s to complete a crime. Because only it´s a militarian service´s bullet or bomb, does not mean it´s legal. As we should fine all kind of crime and illegality in a logic after judging by a selection committee or o a jury.

So as a short conclusion why don´t we have an international community which controls the quantity of fired bullet, bomb or whatever to kill or destroy the opposite and penalize them.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Ilaria Alpi 24 May 1961 – …

In Afasia's corner... on June 4, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Ilaria Alpi  24 May 1961 – …

I wish I could celebrate her birthday on time just about 2 weeks ago but like her story, like why she has been murdered, I also forgot her birthday.

Italian Journalist Ilaria Alpi was born on 24 May 1961 and killed on 20 March 1994 with her cameraman(Miran Hrovatin), because they were the only evidences of Italian toxic waste which left on Somalian and Haitian beaches.

She suspected a dirty business and as a  journalist, she was investigating the delinquents because the children specially in Somalia were having some body deformation like deformed big head, skin problems, having second penis or additional hole which they could urine from. Unfortunately, Somalia is an extremely poor country which we should try to help. But what we were doing instead helping them is destroying their life by leaving our toxic wastes.

Why do those people have to pay our mistakes? Who has that power to give that Somalian child´s health back? Unfortunately there is NOBODY enough brave to stand against mafia, like Ilaria did more than 17 years ago. There is actually a way to pay back. Finding culpable s  and making them pay back million dollars they have earned from their ugly business to those children and families.

But there is one thing we can´t ever bring back or heal is the environment. There are animals also dying because of their dirty earn.

As a conclusion, let me celebrate Ilaria´s birthday and give our condolences to her family. She was one of those who really consider the importance and the responsibility of being a Journalist.

Rest in peace Ilaria.

Thanks and Best Regards

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War and Women

In Neuronal Synapses on June 4, 2011 at 1:36 pm

 The majority of countries has soldiers, people prepared to kill… but, of course, bad people who threat our “peace”, because we are peaceful people!

You can see it right now in Libya, OTAN is killing people, but the evil ones, the Gadafi’s supporters. You know, death is different depending who are you, where are you come from and which is your ideology and economy…  Well they want to kill this kind of people, but when you use bombs, you have difficulties to know who is civil and who isn’t. When they kill innocent people, like children, they say it’s a side effect, because all wars have it, like all medicines.

There’s one more thing I can’t understand and I want anyone explain me. When you’re in a war, I suppose your aim is “kill the enemy”, because soldiers work hard to learn how kill people… but this aim is different with women… I don’t know if soldiers have other kind of goals like “kill the enemy, but first rape all girls and women”… Do they learn how to rape a women? Why they do it? Why they rape the wife to hurt the husband?

 I can understand how soldiers, who have mother, sisters, wife and daughters, do this kind of things…. Why? Which is the reason?

Well… we know the reason because rape is the most humiliation for women. History is full of these activities to put women under men, to say to them where their place in society is. The worst is they know they are breaking women life, they know it’s the worst thing they can do to hurt husband and wife, they know it has horrible physical and psychological consequences… and, of course, they don’t want that for theis women…

So… if they don’t want it… why they do it?


Politicians with high tech cams on?

In Afasia's corner... on June 2, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Felip Puig,

A politician in Catalan Government. Politician and responsible of the 27May disaster in Plz. Catalunya/Barcelona who has ordered police to attack youngsters who were doing a manifestation there. He thinks the images and videos recorded on that day are not enough to judge no one. So what he wants is to put cameras on each police to have direct record of their bloody actions. I believe he didn’t find recorded images enough because he could not see policeman’s  violent action as close as he wanted and enjoy the bloody moment of his order on a power show. He just was trying to give a message of; YESSS, do you see? I am the one who rules your world and I believe he wants to see the ruled faces closer.

Anyhow as a conclusion, I kindly request to have politicians with cameras? What would say about? As they want to see their man’s action clear by their cams. We want to see their actions at their working hours(at least) to see if they really work clear or dirty or let’s say if they really work or not(I don’t think I am exaggerating).
Of course non of them would like or accept that idea. But anyway I hope not to see those kind of tour de force ANYMORE!..

Thanks and Best Regards
illustration by Alex Gallego
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