In Afasia's corner... on May 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm


He was in luxury at his own house at Pakistan. He was planning his bloody attacks, living with his family and children there since 7 years. Time to time going some open air place close to the mountains next to his warm house to record some terror contents anarchist videos!  And US and all other big intelligence agencies should be shame of it (If you check the founded war criminals, you will easily see how they find if they really want to do so like Ebu Cihad at 18th April 1988 by Israel Intelligence Agency) . “INTELLIGENCE AGENCY”. Since 7 years they were killing civil at Afghanistan(we better say since 1979-24th December, because US and USSR countable at same side as they are two good enemies), with only reason which they were looking for Laden at Afghan mountains. But he was never there since right after finishing his mission against Soviets. So that makes me think. So that makes me think so deep. Through there I arrive places in my small brain which I don´t even want to suspect! But when you see those dirty moves on their bloody anomalous games, you can really suspect for anything you see or hear. What benefit US had in the region for only having their soldiers there? For which benefit sent Laden against Soviets? Why they (US-USSR) created this terror in ME? (Which actually Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski explains the reason just a little bit, after some years) All those could be for cleaning the zone from terrorists by both sides? What Laden was occulting which leaded him to death? Why they could not judge him, neither burry? What kinds of foolishness make us believe all those flapdoodles and shut-up? Where the hell are our tongues? Neither we ask, nor talk! Should it be because we have already swallowed them all? Difficult to know the reason if you don´t have same kind dirty brain! But if we may be united against a 7 year´s lie, we could maybe avoid 7000 or 700.000 death children anywhere around our blue lovely planet (which actually we can also call as red planet depends on the quantity of blood flowing on).

We just should not forget an ugly truth which while we are sleeping in our warm beds and enjoying the life, there are people living in HUNGER, BLOODS, WAR, EXPLOTIONS, DEATH, DISEASES. Only because of our votes! Our “kind” politicians are going there to suck petrol even till their blood to have some mines or whatever.

Just don´t forget what does a vote means for you.

Thanks and Best Regards

  1. Thx for brighten our brains!

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