MISSION GERONIMO:Let´s make hate bigger!..

In Afasia's corner... on May 5, 2011 at 2:22 pm

I cannot even look at but the soldiers are who run those kind of operations, THEY KILL (how easy to spell this word “KILL” but we also should consider it´s real meaning) people, and take BLOODY PHOTOS! How comes this stomach. I suppose its also included in human´s evolution. Yes, human´s evolution. Which actually stopped over million years ago now and I don´t really surprise why!

And shall we thanks for all? For keeping violence ongoing in our planet? Making people live in fear? Spreading the hate over continents? Lying while looking at our eyes? Is there only one  small motivation to give thanks? Sorry but I lament for those photos. I do lament because I know there are children in different continents over oceans can also see them.  So what we only do is make hate bigger and bigger! Limitless hate in brain of uneducated people! Hate in ignorant brains and hate in dirty hands!

Think twice before checking the link! Posted photos are not nice at all!


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