‘If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes politics!’

In Fanny Lulu's diary on May 4, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Who is one of the world’s leading company in Global Political Sector ? Let me tell you the answer: United States of America.

It’s a never falling star in the eyes of the global citizens. ( We, the people are  called global citizens of New World Order which includes potential hazards such as ‘’Military Draft, World War Three, Forced Vaccinations, Prison Industrial Complex, Elite Controlled Depopulation.’’ )

It’s the dream of those who are influenced by the tecnological illusion and the political power & armed forces which are actively used in order to take the control of the global markets, energy resources, individual liberties. ( Because we are sure of that the U.S.A makes everything right and duly completed for every living creature on earth. )

It’s a freely desicion maker and missionary  for local people’s goodness such as demolishing the governments to save the community from the dictatorial power, to save the world chemical and biological weapons, to ‘’bring the democracy, equality, justice…bla bla…’’ by killing, torturing the millions.

They say it’s always sunny in the U.S.A …( But it saddenes me to witness the people who suffered from the hurricanes, the bad effects of global warmings and climate change which developed countries are caused.)

It makes  the universal description of ‘ Democracy ‘…and i’ve been afraid of democracy since i’ve seen how they worked hard to build the future, liberty, stability, peace and justice  on blood and tear. (Also check the police brutality and inhuman treatment  against Occupy Wall Street Demonstraters in the U.S. !)

It makes you believe that the truth is wherever they point!

It feeds your soul, eyes and dreams by using media and the other tools to fascinate you in every way.

It feeds you and makes you meet the needs through multinational companies such as  Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, Jacobs, Burger King, KFC etc.. (I must confess that i sometimes wear  my All Star, drink Cola and eat KFC…I know many people who will not put an embargo on using  them..What an amazing advertisement ! We are voluntarily sponsors, Aren’t we?)

It’s the peace keeper and creator of a better world by the magic hands of  NATO, UN and the other international organisations.

It’s the one world government which rules the Wild Capitalism!

Now, let’s repeat this all together ( in stead of ‘’In God we trust’’)  —> ‘’In U.S.A we trust..!’’

And we love the one world government’s politics unconditionally, otherwise this artificial resource takes our lives according to its  ‘paramount law-pictures!’…

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