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In Afasia's corner... on May 30, 2011 at 11:50 am

I have no words to add, just so sad to see that shame!..

Beating us economically was not enough?

In Afasia's corner... on May 29, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Beating us economically was not enough?

I was on vacation in Europe watching TV on a Portuguese TV channel. I saw things which make your blood freeze in your veins. Things that make you think twice or more. A GOVERNMENT and it´s POLICE which you pay for your own protection!!! beats you in your own streets because of only protesting your economic situation, your problems and doubts about future. YOUR GOVERNMENT which you are voting to make things better and YOUR POLICE which you are paying for protection, dragging you by your hair, beating you on the ground, hitting your head with a hard police stick and makes you feel your own blood´s salty test in your mouth. Yes those are all what we deserve after all our economic problems. Those are all we receive from our politicians. Those are all opposite from what we want but who really cares? Politicians with a little bit of honor like in Japan refuse to receive their salaries until they solve their people´s problems. Politicians with a bit of honor!. Sorry for my utopia! POLITICIANS WITH A BIT OF HONOR! Those are all really too impossible wishes.

If we keep on the first topic, when you hear the ugly fact behind it´s even worst than anything. The polices were beating youngsters in the street because of FC Barcelona´s celebration which maybe would take place on Plz Catalunya(FC Barcelona do celebrate at this place each time they win some game) and they wanted to leave the place clean. That actually shows what is more important for the government.

Making us forget our problems? Is that your strategy? It won´t work this time!



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Mucha policia, Poca Libertad

In Neuronal Synapses on May 27, 2011 at 11:32 am

El día 15 de Mayo se inició un movimiento pacífico en Madrid que pronto se extendió a todo el mundo gracias a las nuevas redes sociales, que han demostrado el gran poder de movilización que poseen.

 Este movimiento se denomina DEMOCRACIA REAL YA, que ha proclamadala NO VIOLENCIAconstantemente y se ha establecido en acampadas en plazas emblemáticas de cada ciudad.

El pueblo, cansado de ver cómo sus políticos no se toman en serio lo que es la democracia, que no es otra cosa que el poder del pueblo, se ha levantado masivamente para hacerse oír y exigir un cambio.

El pueblo está cansado de que siempre tenga que pagar por los “traquimanejes” de sus políticos.

“El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” y es que el pueblo está muy unido porque el movimiento ha aglutinado personas muy dispares, de todas las edades, sexo, religión y país. No hay diferencia entre ellos, todos desean lo mismo: una DEMOCRACIA de verdad para siempre.

Hoy en Cataluña y concretando más en BARCELONA (acampadabcn) se ha utilizado la fuerza desde el estado para desalojar a los desde hace más de una semana, sin producir altercados y, por tanto, PACÍFICAMENTE estaban luchando por una sistema político y social mejor.

La excusa política ha sido tener que limpiarla Plaza Cataluñapor el cúmulo de suciedad y la poca salubridad del lugar, pero en lugar de hacer uso los sistemas de limpieza de Barcelona (BCNeta) han hecho uso de los MOSSOS d’ESQUADRA, los cuales no limpian, sino ensucian con sangre.

Los manifestantes no han hecho absolutamente nada, sólo han resistido, sin ejercer violencia ninguna. Pero eso no ha sido suficiente para que los robots con porras hayan agredido a centenares de personas.

La reacción que han tenido ha sido digna de admirar, no han reaccionado a provocación, se han mantenido bajo su lema de NO VIOLENCIA.

Lo más lamentable es que parece que todo este despliegue policial se ha efectuado con la intención de facilitar la celebración de la victoria dela Championsdel F.C. Barcelona.

Si fuera así, que todo apunta a que sí, me da vergüenza que los políticos de mi país den prioridad al fútbol en lugar de a los derechos de sus ciudadanos.

Esto es indignante, estoy muy indignada.

Debemos seguir luchando!


Aren’t we exhausted to hear the same bloody news from the New world Pirates?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on May 17, 2011 at 4:03 pm

I am…nowadays I am more concerned about the increasing violence in the world.

Brand new times in some parts of Africa and Middle East written by blood have begun in Tunisia and turned in to Jasmine Revolution, then spread out Libya,Egypt, Syria, Bahreyn, Yemen. There are still people dying, being raped, wounded, having no future & no dreams, forced to immigrate to the far aways after conflicts in the battle fields.  System is forced to be settled down by itselves through the clashes, bloody demonstrations, hard conditions  on the war front. Streets are like fronts, places around the houses, places where you live, go for a walk, your life flows by. Once you take your side, make war, defend your rights they turn in to your national front. You make your democracy by your blood and it’s called ‘revolution’. Nato does keep internal peace by bombing the cities and killing the innocents, UN serves the invisible political powers as if it makes contribution for the peace and beside manupulates it all under the umbrella of ‘ International Court of Justice.’ It is quite easy to see the truth with naked eyes without going to the red lined countries by following the news from the various media sources.

So, where is democracy? Who will stop Israel troops who know the killing better than the others’ armed forces? Who will stop the violence, blood and tear in ‘Democratic’ Republic of Congo? Wasn’t there any way out to stop the demonstrations in Nakba Day on 15th May without martyring over 20 and hurt over 200 activists? Do they have to shoot the humanbeings that easy? Do they have the right to kill them smoothly? Why can’t Nato do anything for the ongoing massacre in Palestine? I don’t tolerate anything about the black holes of democracy in the undeveloped countries which are called as commercial factories of the ‘West’ whilst my Turkish Government still keeps APO (Leader of PKK) who is murderer of 30.000 people alive and has been judging him in front of the court for years.

So…Test the West…


In Afasia's corner... on May 12, 2011 at 9:55 am

Nato’s understanding of peace kills another young girl in ME. Providing peace and better conditions to those poor children was the “best” planned project of centuries so far. Year 2011! Year 2011! An organization aimed to protect civilians kills civilians. My own paradox lead me crazy! I hope no more child dies anywhere in world by hunger or by a dirty bullet.


photo  by Steve Mccurry
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Mike Prysner! No need to add a word!.

In Afasia's corner... on May 12, 2011 at 8:57 am

New pawns, a new game?

In Afasia's corner... on May 8, 2011 at 12:48 pm

On today´s CNN you can see an article written by Shadi Hamid worrying  about Gaddafi´s situation and US´s next move to make him go(I believe it´s ironically). Let me tell you what will US do with Gaddafi. Probably they will search him at Libian caves for 10 years and they will find him at 5Star hotel in Turkey, ready to be executed next to his swimming pool. So, we will again ask here the quantity of death and injured at Libya after years which actually don´t really mean anything to US or any other EU government. That´s what will happen to Libyan dictator(Or pawns like him, remember Saddam Husein). Actually the question is not what will happen to Gaddafi. Until now he did not care for his people and now he is paying the bill. The question is what is happening to Libyan. IS THERE SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT LIBYAN, SYRIAN, IRAQI, AFGHAN VILLAGES RIGHT BEFORE BOMBING. So then who will pay back all those loosen Lives?
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In Afasia's corner... on May 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm


He was in luxury at his own house at Pakistan. He was planning his bloody attacks, living with his family and children there since 7 years. Time to time going some open air place close to the mountains next to his warm house to record some terror contents anarchist videos!  And US and all other big intelligence agencies should be shame of it (If you check the founded war criminals, you will easily see how they find if they really want to do so like Ebu Cihad at 18th April 1988 by Israel Intelligence Agency) . “INTELLIGENCE AGENCY”. Since 7 years they were killing civil at Afghanistan(we better say since 1979-24th December, because US and USSR countable at same side as they are two good enemies), with only reason which they were looking for Laden at Afghan mountains. But he was never there since right after finishing his mission against Soviets. So that makes me think. So that makes me think so deep. Through there I arrive places in my small brain which I don´t even want to suspect! But when you see those dirty moves on their bloody anomalous games, you can really suspect for anything you see or hear. What benefit US had in the region for only having their soldiers there? For which benefit sent Laden against Soviets? Why they (US-USSR) created this terror in ME? (Which actually Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski explains the reason just a little bit, after some years) All those could be for cleaning the zone from terrorists by both sides? What Laden was occulting which leaded him to death? Why they could not judge him, neither burry? What kinds of foolishness make us believe all those flapdoodles and shut-up? Where the hell are our tongues? Neither we ask, nor talk! Should it be because we have already swallowed them all? Difficult to know the reason if you don´t have same kind dirty brain! But if we may be united against a 7 year´s lie, we could maybe avoid 7000 or 700.000 death children anywhere around our blue lovely planet (which actually we can also call as red planet depends on the quantity of blood flowing on).

We just should not forget an ugly truth which while we are sleeping in our warm beds and enjoying the life, there are people living in HUNGER, BLOODS, WAR, EXPLOTIONS, DEATH, DISEASES. Only because of our votes! Our “kind” politicians are going there to suck petrol even till their blood to have some mines or whatever.

Just don´t forget what does a vote means for you.

Thanks and Best Regards

La Muerte

In Neuronal Synapses on May 7, 2011 at 1:21 pm

¿Qué es la muerte? ¿Qué significado se le da? ¿Qué importancia tiene?

Por lo que se ve, la muerte varía mucho dependiendo de quién sea la persona que muera y, en caso de asesinato, también de la persona que lo ejecute.

Sin alejarnos mucho de la historia actual, y por poner algún ejemplo de los miles y millones que podría exponer, nos encontramos que personas como Bush, Blair y Aznar han permitido y dirigido la ejecución de miles de personas. Sin embargo, cada uno sigue haciendo su vida como si nada hubiera sucedido.

Por otro lado, tenemos bandas terroristas como Al-Qaeda, que matan a diversas personas, quizá también miles, y no pueden seguir su vida tranquilamente por la persecución internacional. De hecho, su ejecución se hace impunemente, sin juicio y a pesar de no estar armados, como ha sucedido con Bin Laden, siendo lo más cínico de esta muerte la alegría que ha profesado mundialmente. ¿Des de cuando la muerte es motivo de celebración?

Realmente he intentado entender las diferencias en cada una de las muertes, pero no logro entender por qué una vida finalizada por políticos como los mencionados vale menos que una vida finalizada por un llamado terrorista. ¿No merecen vivir las personas matadas por unos y otros? ¿No merecen el mismo castigo tanto unos como otros?

Hay cosas que nunca podré llegar a entender.


Random Ramblings – an introduction

In Random Ramblings on May 6, 2011 at 1:31 pm

So, a new category is available on the right side of your screen! You are right, a newbie has arrived.  I´ll do my best to inform and hopefully entertain with my view on news items. Feel free to throw the virtual flowers or rotten vegetables as appropriate.  To be continued…

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