Why don’t we give love a chance instead of breeding disasters?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 29, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Today’s and everyday’s disturbing issue is how cruel and violent we, humanbeings are…I wonder how far we can go?

Can anybody deny that we as humanbeings came to the boundaries of being  cruel, violent and  inhuman? Let me share my idea with you then, we have already surpassed the physical and psychological limits of being humans.

We have been fighting with the nature, animals, each others? What else remained that we don’t see as enemies? (Remember the Bloody Wars from past to present that never had or have the winner!)

Should we call ourselves ‘’Modern Times Warriors” ? Isn’t there any places where people are not fighting, killing, abusing, quarrelling about nothing with each other in inhuman ways? Do we have the rights to kill someone, an animal, a plant or entirely a living creature? Doesn’t it make us human to think that we all have the rights to live in life once we come to the world and there is enough place in the space for each one of us?

My small mind is not able to get that the idea of hurting someone or something for  any reasons. Because there can not not be found any realistic explanation to hurt a baby, child, animal or any unprotected  living creature for any reason.

Nowadays we are totally surrounded by the impacts of the political violence and the we can not seperate ourselves from these  sprinkles but we can stand at the right front against the provocations which are used  by power of barons.

As you may understand  it is quite clear that political power  makes-preserves  the laws and the laws give shape to the society systematically.  In  the countries which are governed by democracy, the minority is forced to obey the rules which are approved by the majority . At the same time both majority and minority are exposed to violence within themselves that is because every way of using violence is directly or indirectly related to the government’s policies.

In the other countries which are governed by the rest of the management methods the system almost  works the same freakish way. Violence and cruelity are made by their hands and controlled as a tool of keeping the authority alive and stabilized, thus we make sure that we certainly need the governments for us to survive!

Further to this point of view, you may defend the opinion that the human nature as individual is easily tend to use the violence in some ways. But i surely believe that the increasing rates of cruelity and violence in society  such as killing, torturing, abusing  are made by magic hands of governments.

Everyday we passive spectators, are exhausted to watch, hear and witness of the tv news with full of accidents, murders, cruel deeds, rapes, every way of violence on infants, children, women, animals and every little thing we can not imagine…Let’s be aware of that it’s an increasing social issue based on poverty, corruption and  inequality in social life. In the mean time we get to perceive all these pathetic  events  as if they are usual.

In my opinion developed countries’ governments have an active role to lead all the socio-economic, political and environmental problems which make our lives miserable and unbearable day after day.  I am afraid that the system will be ultimately getting wilder as fast as we can not easily predict.

Now you will remember some  bad examples of the governmental cruel practices which are obviously carried on:

Commercial  Seal Slaughter by Canada, Dolphin Slaughter by Japan, innocents’ Slaughter by Israel and the Allied Forces…etc…’The Global –In-visible Tyrant must stop the adding value to the poverty, terrorism, human&animal slaughter generated policies..!’

Just a humble call for the  humanity to live in peace, love, understanding, fraternity, equality, justice  and together  for  each other and nature…without taking in to consideration the seperatist powers’ games and their affords upon your consciences which make you human.

Is it quite hard to believe United Notions and make them real by wiping out  the violence in our own lives?

Let’s take action to stop the violence occuring around us and  fulfill the needs of being  human all together!

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