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HASANKEYF, el paraíso en peligro de extinción

In Neuronal Synapses on April 30, 2011 at 3:25 pm

El gobierno turco está llevando a cabo un proyecto hidroeléctrico, que forma parte del Proyecto del Sudeste de Anatolia (GAP). Entre las diversas presas de agua planificadas se halla la Ilisu en el río Tigris.

Como sucede cuando se realiza una obra de estas características, muchos pueblos quedarán inundados, entre los que se encuentra Hasankeyf. Aunque todo pueblo enterrado bajo el agua supone la desaparición de parte de la historia, especialmente personal, en el caso de Hasankeyf ésta es de mayores dimensiones, ya que abarca la maltratada cultura kurda.

Hasankeyf guarda bajo su estructura 12000 años de historia del pueblo kurdo, habiendo sido este pueblo la capital del Mesopotámico, casi nada. Esta antigua capital cuenta con nueve de los diez criterios que la UNESCO establece para considerar un lugar Patrimonio de la Humanidad, pero no es suficiente para que el gobierno turco se replantee la realización del  ambicioso proyecto.

Diversos países europeos que en un principio iban a aportar capital para llevar a cabo la llamaremos faraónica obra. Finalmente desestimaron el préstamo, por considerar que la historia es más importante que una presa de agua. Aunque personalmente seguro que había otras razones que les motivaron a no formar parte del proyecto. De alguna manera, Europa desaprueba el proyecto y, teniendo en cuenta que Turquía está pendiente de entrar a formar parte de la Unión Europea, quizá se lo debería pensar un poco más. Pero, claro, rendirse es más duro para el gobierno que no el perder historia y menos kurda, por lo que tres bancos de Turquía son los que van acabar permitiendo la construcción de la Ilisu.

Más allá de que es una muestra de intolerancia a la cultura kurda, es también un ataque directo a la población, concretamente, a los 72000 habitantes que se verán afectados por la dichosa construcción de la presa. 72000 personas que van a perder la casa, que van a dejar de ver el lugar donde se han desarrollado y vivido largos años. Estilos de vida que únicamente podían tenerse en Hasankeyf quedarán en el olvido, como quedarán sus habitantes.

Ya hace unos años, con el afán de Turquía de querer ser “occidentales y modernos”, obligaron a muchos habitantes que vivían en cuevas a trasladarse a casas, por considerar que era un retraso vivir en una cueva. Y yo me pregunto: ¿Quién ha puesto los cánones del desarrollo? ¿Qué es estar más desarrollado? ¿Es echar a las personas de su casa? ¿Obligarles a cambiar su estilo de vida? ¿Destrozar toda su historia? ¿Dejar en el olvido el pasado?

Sin pasado, ¿cómo vamos a saber cómo hemos llegado hasta donde estamos? Sin pasado, ¿cómo nos vamos a desarrollar? ¿cómo vamos a aprender de los errores? ¿cómo vamos a explicarles a nuestros hijos nuestra vida y experiencia? ¿cómo vamos a crear un futuro si éste será olvidado?

¿Qué destino les espera a todas aquellas personas que se ven obligadas a abandonar su hogar y sin compensación económica? ¿cómo van a adaptarse a la trajinante vida en la ciudad cuando vivían en el paraíso de la paz y tranquilidad? ¿Por qué les obligan a formar parte de una sociedad maltrechada como es la capitalista?

¿Quién va a mirar por ellos?

La gente que permite estas atrocidades son aquellas que tienen los hilos del mundo, de la sociedad… ¿cómo va a acabar la humanidad si el poder lo poseen las personas más corruptas, ambiciosas, egoístas y deshumanizadas?


Why don’t we give love a chance instead of breeding disasters?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 29, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Today’s and everyday’s disturbing issue is how cruel and violent we, humanbeings are…I wonder how far we can go?

Can anybody deny that we as humanbeings came to the boundaries of being  cruel, violent and  inhuman? Let me share my idea with you then, we have already surpassed the physical and psychological limits of being humans.

We have been fighting with the nature, animals, each others? What else remained that we don’t see as enemies? (Remember the Bloody Wars from past to present that never had or have the winner!)

Should we call ourselves ‘’Modern Times Warriors” ? Isn’t there any places where people are not fighting, killing, abusing, quarrelling about nothing with each other in inhuman ways? Do we have the rights to kill someone, an animal, a plant or entirely a living creature? Doesn’t it make us human to think that we all have the rights to live in life once we come to the world and there is enough place in the space for each one of us?

My small mind is not able to get that the idea of hurting someone or something for  any reasons. Because there can not not be found any realistic explanation to hurt a baby, child, animal or any unprotected  living creature for any reason.

Nowadays we are totally surrounded by the impacts of the political violence and the we can not seperate ourselves from these  sprinkles but we can stand at the right front against the provocations which are used  by power of barons.

As you may understand  it is quite clear that political power  makes-preserves  the laws and the laws give shape to the society systematically.  In  the countries which are governed by democracy, the minority is forced to obey the rules which are approved by the majority . At the same time both majority and minority are exposed to violence within themselves that is because every way of using violence is directly or indirectly related to the government’s policies.

In the other countries which are governed by the rest of the management methods the system almost  works the same freakish way. Violence and cruelity are made by their hands and controlled as a tool of keeping the authority alive and stabilized, thus we make sure that we certainly need the governments for us to survive!

Further to this point of view, you may defend the opinion that the human nature as individual is easily tend to use the violence in some ways. But i surely believe that the increasing rates of cruelity and violence in society  such as killing, torturing, abusing  are made by magic hands of governments.

Everyday we passive spectators, are exhausted to watch, hear and witness of the tv news with full of accidents, murders, cruel deeds, rapes, every way of violence on infants, children, women, animals and every little thing we can not imagine…Let’s be aware of that it’s an increasing social issue based on poverty, corruption and  inequality in social life. In the mean time we get to perceive all these pathetic  events  as if they are usual.

In my opinion developed countries’ governments have an active role to lead all the socio-economic, political and environmental problems which make our lives miserable and unbearable day after day.  I am afraid that the system will be ultimately getting wilder as fast as we can not easily predict.

Now you will remember some  bad examples of the governmental cruel practices which are obviously carried on:

Commercial  Seal Slaughter by Canada, Dolphin Slaughter by Japan, innocents’ Slaughter by Israel and the Allied Forces…etc…’The Global –In-visible Tyrant must stop the adding value to the poverty, terrorism, human&animal slaughter generated policies..!’

Just a humble call for the  humanity to live in peace, love, understanding, fraternity, equality, justice  and together  for  each other and nature…without taking in to consideration the seperatist powers’ games and their affords upon your consciences which make you human.

Is it quite hard to believe United Notions and make them real by wiping out  the violence in our own lives?

Let’s take action to stop the violence occuring around us and  fulfill the needs of being  human all together!

Viagra and it’s affects in Libya!..

In Afasia's corner... on April 29, 2011 at 9:07 am

When I saw the news on, first I couldn’t believe what they are saying. Then I tried to better understand and it wasn’t successful. And my third time trying failed as well as like the first and second times. Then I understood only one thing from this news that the politic war must be something like that!.. We cannot see what is going on there. We must trust what politicians/diplomats and media are telling us. Neither one or other aren’t trustful so how could those kind of news spread without a proof?

Rape as a weapon by Gaddafi’s troops!!! Gaddafi gives Viagra to his soldiers to rape women in Libya´s villages !!! If this new would be posted other way around I could believe it much easier because we all know what  happend at prisons like Guantanamo or what they were doing to other terror defendants in ME.

Then I scrolled down to check comments and I saw some hope there. US citizens were commenting that they don’t believe what diplomats are telling them like at past. Good to know that their trustful days are almost over. We don’t believe what we hear anymore. We don’t believe politicians fancy lies!..

That is a funny news and I hope it isn’t true!..

Thanks and Best Regards
Anyhow thanks to msnbc for making us aware!..

Give us more football, make us sleep!!!

In Afasia's corner... on April 27, 2011 at 4:58 pm

We feed our brains and souls with football or let’s generalize and say with TV. Unfortunately there are children dying in hunger,no matter give us more football. Even in those poor countries that support has much more importance than the rest of the world. We don’t really care about a child’s life! Why would we? Who would pay 90 euro to take care of an orphaned child instead buying Barcelona football team’s official t-shirt? Do you know the number of people who lives with chronic hunger? Do you know that once upon a time we were human collaborating to help each other to pass difficulties? Once upon a time friends? Before selling our souls to imperialist world! Feeling sorry while mentioning that sad truth! Try to buy it back, maybe you can!

This is the shame we have to pay back!…

In Afasia's corner... on April 24, 2011 at 6:48 pm

This is the shame we have to pay back!…

There we don´t need words!. Thanks to posted photos explain and underline our shame!

Human being´s ambition to have more! More petrol, more money, more more more! Just we don´t see one really important thing;

…while having more, we are loosing more!.. Can you really change money for nature, animal´s life, pure air and your future children´s health?

Thanks for reading and commenting on!..

Fighting with the invisible walls make things harder?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 19, 2011 at 7:13 pm

”The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

Milan Kundera made me think about his quote written above. As a matter of fact do we know who we have been fighting with as we take sides of the peace and the justice in the home and the whole world? Please check this movie out: Hamadrich LaMahapecha.

I have been thinking about the solutions to resolve all these injustices since then i comprehended that i was indirectly the part of this corruption happening all over the world. Even though most people don’t seem to care, until it strikes close to home. But I must have been seeing things more than they were shown on the screen or published in the journals.

In my opinion, it does not matter how far you are from Middle East countries,  African countries, Old European Colonies, Cambodia, East Turkestan, Tibet and all the other chaotic borderlands. The main issue is how you feel and tend to react when you hear and watch the news that disturb you indeed. Beyond these scenes you just can’t imagine the happenings in the thin red lined borderlands unless you see them and even then you are always well aware that your experience of it is not at all the reality.

I am much more aware of the workings of the global power structure than I was just a few years ago as long as i follow the news from various resourches but i wonder whether it is good or bad this awareness may cause a black hole in my soul unless i have the power to stop this nightmare and to change the reality which takes the human beings’ lives by force and make their life stories miserable.

Everyday i consider that how we could achieve to settle down a properly working system which streghtens and protects the human rights of the society in a globalizing world, bring down the discrimination based on race, culture, religion, traditions, ideology and all the other colourful faces of unitary god. But i am one hundred per cent sure of that i am not able to make the difference without organizing the people who agree with my ideas and response to my call for the interaction on a small scale. At the end of the day i feel glad to be aware of the reality that ninety nine is not one hundred an even one person is able to begin with a small step to go further with the willing supporters.

In conclusion, Kundera points at that it is quite hard to cope with the organized global power which affects and leads the destinies of the nations but it is also remarkable to spread the ideas among the people about peace, equality, democracy, fraternity and all other notions which are just dreamt by human beings according to the systematic ways.

Remember that 99 is not 100 and you are a unique catalyst to make the change.

…and never forget about ”Muammed Bouazizi”.

NATO THINK! PEACE AND SECURITY that’s our mission!

In Afasia's corner... on April 14, 2011 at 9:52 am

Nato think they found a secret gun depot at Libia by bombing via their GUN INVENTORY at Tripoli. What kind of paradox is that, an organization which has been constructed under umbrella of peace and security, bombing a country! killing or injuring civils to protect same civils!. Who will protect them from NATO and alliance countries?  Sad but true in any interest of politicians,we civils are the only ones eating the iron bread. Chair lovers are ordering from their ornamented villas to their faithful soldiers without thinking of  a single baby which is gonna die anywhere in this world and they expect us to believe in those cosmetic, make-up lies. There are many other countries in trouble like in Africa or in Asia, but I don’t see any operation of NATO to overturn a dictator in those regions. Why don’t they arrange an operation to South Africa against King Mswati III?  Read his history, you will find that King’s story much more interesting than Gaddafi’s story. Hunger’s land King gives lot’s of suffer and injustice to his people.

We won’t cover your lies anymore! We don’t want to have your dirt in our hands, and the blood of innocent infants.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting!

photo from Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2011

Just to begin with: ‘We speak the same language but…’

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 4, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Unfortunately we are not very keen on building up the relationships on similarities . In stead of making things easier for ourselves, we prefer to fight with the others and the enemy inside of us.

In everyday life, people are in a rush in order to catch of the day accordingly and do whatever they need to do. Actually it may be quite simple to be aware of the common ways of living and fullfilling the needs but also quite difficult to accept the rules of living all together. As i am trying to defend how easy to respect the others’  ideas and points of view, i’d like to emphasize that we should try to feel like the others and put ourselves in to themselves if we’d like to be surrounded by the best possible social network. When we put the pieces in to correct order in our big city lives, we will be much happier as long as we are the witnesses of the good results of  living together peacefully.

Those who believe that the egoism comes the origin of being human, defend the claim that it is normal to behave as if the world just turns around themselves. Hence, they can do anything to take whatever they desire by using their forces. Whereas the life is an entire of the balances according to me and when the pieces of the life cake are taken by the potents disproportionally, our small lives and moreover the social life begins to decay.

As i surely believe that we speak the same language of life and live for the similar reasons in life, we better think twice when we don’t take  the others’ personal rights in to consideration  in case of doing something on behalf of ourselves. We can be more powerful than the others, gain the advantage against them in some matters or whatever, we should think twice for not to break down the balances in life.

In conclusion, i’d like to kindly remind you that the pieces in our private lives make the whole picture and the real revolution starts inside of us before it welcomes us by different governance methods.

Dream for yourself, change for humanity…


Stand up for your rights as colourizing  the dark side of the moon…

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