Arabic Reforms?

In Afasia's corner... on February 23, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Are those signals of Arabic Reforms at Middle East ? That is really possible or somewhere at secret some one is laughing out loud to this situation? Those dark humor people may really get off their dirty hands from this oily land? Of course it’s not all about some dark powers behind. It’s also my dark humor.

There must be a great change in this lands people. In their head, brain, mentally or whatever. I was just checking out all information about this countries and I found below video. Just take a look. You may find it funny or tragic. The land of hunger. Many people even don’t have food to eat! Just one step far to this Arabic guy’s money rain, African children dying in hunger. His unacceptable way to have fun shows a bit, how unconcerned those people there. So, as a conclusion I may say, if you believe in money as your god, you may enjoy the money rain or thunder or whatever. But there is a world turning day by day, and there are women killed by throwing stones cause of virginity, sex etc. problems. There are soldiers killing, raping etc. their people, neighbors and there are children growing up with hate. If a country, their politicians or it’s people even don’t care about their children, there is no reason to talk about something which even they don’t try to avoid or change! I hope this is going to be a golden mile in all ME region. I hope that they have already waked up from their deep dark sleepy days.

No reform possible without sacrificing something!

  1. why so surprised? money mean power…and to be more specific, more money mean more power. As long as this will remain the most important guideline, nothing will change in the world – and it doesn´t metter if we talk about the ME, Africa or wathever… there will be no stone moved for no financial interest. And the simple fact that a couple of person see the real game, does not mean the rules will change. The religion, as well as the culture, are and where used since the beginning of time (or at least since they appeared) to lead people all over the world. And who are the ones that have the possibility (and ability) to express their opinions and drive the humanity? The most powerfull voice is the one of the money. So again, I come back to my question.. why so surprised? In this world we live in, money can buy not only food and a roof over the head, but also sex, silence, life… And, even if there is a weak echo trying to point the cruel reality, it totally fades in front of the obvious. So oil? As long as it will exist, someone will be intereted in it.. Not in the people living in those countries, not in their difficulties, not it their problems. They will be interested in the pure, simple source of money. When will they leave? When there will be a bigger interest. And again, related to money. Or when the oil will be finished. That´s when. Why so surprized?

    • In fact I suprised to the situation. I mean the arabic revolution. Its suprised me because those countries people where sleeping so deep and now saddenly all are outside asking for justice. It just made me think what is the next move of those dark powers.;) Maybe you have already seen the funny news at tv about british soldiers in Libia. I dont really know whos so stupid. Are we? Are they? Thanks!

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